Everyone from the beginning of time has been searching for something or someone bigger then them. There is a natural pull to this ‘thing’ from birth. Like everyone Rachel Moore started this search young. Living a fairy tale life until the little light went out at 5 years old thus beginning what she calls her lost years. Life went on though despite depression, sickness, confusion, emptiness, and hopelessness.

From the time she was little she was on stage singing. Continuing her love of music through the years Rachel met her husband, Andrew, at 16 years old and they married in 2000. After having four children they started the adoption of their youngest from Hyderabad, India. In the midst of all that Rachel got her degrees in Christian/Pastoral counseling and started her own counseling ministry. Her love for people, helping those walking through their own lost years, and ministering to those who are healing from abuse; Rachel found herself in the middle of her calling. Serving the Lord, making a difference……and then all of the sudden unable to even remember how to read to her home-schooled kids. After 7 days in the hospital with what the doctors described as unexplained seizures Rachel had to dissolve her company, move closer to doctors and sit in wonder.

Why God? How could you? What is the purpose?

After months of appointments, diagnosis, and making life adjustments….God started to reveal and with His revelation Rachel started singing again. He had brought her voice/joy back. Once again God said to her; “Write your story”. So with a book she wrote of her life in hand and her musical husband composing, she started writing thus beginning a new chapter. Her story through a music ministry.

Her music is unique, raw and real. Touching on taboo subjects like depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, and the sins we all deal with; Rachel as an artist and songwriter hopes to use her gift to reach, bring hope and encourage those listening. Trying not to sugar coat the pain so many of us have walked through Rachel reveals God’s glory through each experience and song.

“My story all for His glory!” -Rachel