Being real even when it isn’t cool…

I mentioned in my last post how important it is to me to be real with my music, my story and His calling for me.  Being real in a world of fake cheese, fake hair, fake leather, fake meat, and even fake people; is so important!  Things can be sugar coated, painted over, and fixed to look perfect but underneath it all it is still a mess.  The truth is everyone is a mess!   When I was faking life I thought I was alone.   A few kids later and many mom and baby classes later come to find out; nope there is not one person with it all together.

What good are we doing when we hide our mess?  When we hide the pain, confusion, sorrow and helplessness we are experiencing from others how is that helping them or us?

I have come to find it does not help anyone to keep the hurt inside.  So while writing my songs I tend to spill it all out.  I have found amazing peace and inspiration in doing this.

So do me a favor….if you are reading this spill some of your struggles out in the comments.  Then let God have it.  Amazing things will happen.

  1. Insecurity

    1. Thank you so much for writing this Amy. Insecurity is one thing each of us struggle with at some point in our life. I know I am with you on this at this point of my life. Wanting to feel important, needed, helpful and good at what we do is human really. We actually need it to succeed and strive in life. When it becomes our identity and runs our every decision and action is when it gets unhealthy. Feeling secure in our relationship with God is something that can help find that healthy balance of good and bad insecurity. Love you friend thank you for sharing. (By the way you are amazing!) -Rachel

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